Wednesday Giveaway

Congrats to this week’s winner, Shirley Morgan! If you didn’t win, you really should treat yourself to a sandboard. I use a sandboard every time I sit down to my hand sewing. The sandpaper keeps fabric from shifting as you trace or pin and the board itself is handy to set your stuff on, on your lap, as you sew.


There are 2 sizes of sandboard. I use the smaller Travel Sandboard when I am away from home.  I use the larger, Essential Sandboard at home. Click here to find them both.

Leave a comment to enter the drawing. If you can’t find the comment box, you might see a little icon that looks like a thought bubble at the upper right at the top of this post. Try clicking that to open the comment section.

I’ll use a random number generator to choose a winner Thursday, May 18, 2017. It might be later in the day as I will be out of town teaching.

Good luck!

223 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. Hope all of you quilters are having a good day.. since I only to appliqué quilts these boards would be fun to win!


  2. I have heard several good comments about using sand boards but I am putting on my wish list. Have started doing more hand projects in the evening and it would be helpful to not have things shifting around. Nice option to have the smaller size for traveling.


  3. Hi Becky! Will you have these when you come to the Merrimac Valley Quilt Guild in Haverhill MA on Thursday? Can’t wait to meet you and take the workshop on Friday.


  4. I travel frequently and never leave home without a needle work project. This sand paper board is the perfect size to travel .


  5. I just love the larger size! It is remarkable how well it holds the fabric, no slippage. I would love to have the smaller size for using at my guild meetings!


  6. This is the perfect size for all the projects I do in the car while traveling- thanks for the opportunity to win one!!!


  7. I really appreciate the opportunity to win this sandboard. I have seen others utilize these but haven’t tried it out myself. Would love to own one. Thanks for the opportunity.


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