Wednesday Giveaway


Congrats to Nettie Crain, this week’s giveaway winner of a set of Karen K. Buckley’s perfect tools: Circles, Ovals, and Stems. The Circles and Ovals are templates made of templar that you can trace against or use with an iron. The Perfect Stems are used to make bias stems with tubes of bias fabric and an iron.

232 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. Exactly just the thing to get me going again! I certainly could use the stems and ovals templates. Thanks for the opportunity to win. JUST LOVE my sandboard.


  2. Would be just delighted to win these, What a fantabulous aid they would be tome for my applique. Thanks for the opportunity to win.


  3. Love all you work. I have alots of y books but one day I will start using them. Love the Christmas ones years ago. From Pottsboro, Texas


  4. These are quite popular quilters’ tools. I did not know that there were Perfect Bias Stems. Regardless if I win, I shall be looking into these. Thanks.


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