I’m home from vacation feeling refreshed and ready to go which is good because my desk is buried under things to do. But I can do it! I’ll begin sharing photos and stories tomorrow. Today I want to give you an opportunity from another quilter.

Renee Arnett was cleaning out her stash and came across a fabric kit, with each block pattern, for our Flourishes quilt. (The border pattern is not included but you can download it for free here.) 

Renee has sold the kit shown below. If I hear of another one, I’ll let you know. 


5 thoughts on “Flourishes…

  1. Question…I have a similar kit which I am just about to start. I have all the small pieces and lots of the fabrics are “pre-cut”. I usually prewash all my fabric. My question, do I worry about prewashing and if yes, how do I do that with these small pieces so I still have something left to work with after the cleaning process. Thanks in advance for the advice.


    • It depends on how small the fabric pieces are. If you think it would work, you could put them in lingerie bags and launder them. If the shop that put the kits together cut them too small, however, you may have to use them unwashed. That’s never my first choice, but a quilter has to work with what she/he has :-).



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