Show and tell…

Gabriele Bradbury and her quilting buddy, Judy, decided they needed a challenge.  So Judy picked colors and Gabriele got to pick the type of quilt.

Gabriele said: At the time I really disliked bright colors so of course my friend picked brights.  I loved applique, my friend absolutely not. Here are our finished quilts, when we first saw them together last year:

Judy's Challenge

Both quilts are amazing! And it’s a treat to see how the different borders affect the look of each quilt.

They both hand appliqued.  Judy had hers professionally custom quilted, Gabriele hand quilted her quilt using my original Stars in the Garden quilt as a guide.

Maine Quilt Show 2017 Stars in the Garden

Congrats to you both!

11 thoughts on “Show and tell…

  1. Both quilts are similar but so different. I really wouldn’t be able to choose which one I like best. Well done quilters! Your finished quilts are truly gorgeous.


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