Wednesday Giveaway

Have you noticed that I haven’t written many actual blog posts lately? I’m sad about that, because I do enjoy writing them. However, there has not been enough time in the day for a long time. I do post more often to Instagram, and those posts go to facebook as well, so I’m not completely silent. Do know that keep thinking about things to blog about and I am working on ways to simplify my life so as to have more time to sew, and to write.

Carol Y is the lucky winner of the Sewline Fine Marking Pen and Eraser.

To be honest, I don’t have any reason to use this pen, and I’m not sure I ever will. However, it is an interesting option for those of you who need to make erasable lines on fabric. I very strongly recommend that you wash your project afterwards as there is a chemical residue left behind. Click here to read more.


Leave a comment/reply on the blog post to enter the drawing. A winner will be chosen by the random number generator Thursday, November 9.

102 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. You need to find another partner! 🙂 Or ease someone in to some of the jobs you could use some backup with.

    I’ve used Sewline for embroidery. Tracing templates is good too.


  2. Some of my days are like yours too! We need to carve out a few moments just to take care of ourselves or we get ourselves lost in the muddle. I would be very interested in trying these pens! Take care!


  3. I am always trying to find the right marking pen. Right now dealing with post operation Right shoulder replacement so can’t do any yet but enjoy your blog and reading. I”m not one to do facebook either.


  4. I think new things are always worth a test. Thanks for all you do Becky. I took a class with you several years ago and that was what made me passionate about needleturn applique.


  5. I would love to try these new marking pens! These would be a blessing for tracing embroidery stitches for my applique and for marking my quilts for quilting.


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