Wednesday Giveaway


Karen Kunz won the Minute Weaver. Congrats to Karen! If you are not Karen but would still like a Minute Weaver of your own, click here. Happy stitching!

138 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. I remember making these into potholders while I was a kid, in a
    slightly larger size. Sturdy and so useful! Am thinking of using
    my bags of selvages to make similar potholders and get rid of
    all those bags of selvages!


  2. looks like fun,, as I want an easy hand project….have had trouble getting back into quilting since our son died. HELP and this might do a quick fix and maybe get me started again


  3. Love these things. My grandkids would love doing this. My grandson actually gave me a woven piece marked warp and weft when he was seven. When he gave it to me,,knowing I was a sewist, he said….”Marmee, you are just going to love this!” Still hangs on my wall!


  4. Looks like a fun little tool for making small woven pieces. They would be great for embellishments on a quilt or pieced together into a patchwork.


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