Wednesday Giveaway

Marty Anderson is the lucky winner of this pair of Elan 5″ Curved Scissors. Congrats to Marty! Be sure to come back next Wednesday for the newest Giveway.

227 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. My granddaughter does most of the embroidery (she loves it!) and we have been struggling to get good cuts, these look like the perfect scissors for that!


  2. I’ve admired your quilt designs for a long time but just found the blog. Applique is one of my favs, So many patterns, so little time. Something has to give……my job? Just sayin’


  3. Love too appliqué and would love to have the scissors. I had a pipe break in my sewing room and lost a lot of quilt things. I had my favorite bag of tools like pins,scissors etc on the floor and they had to be thrown out 😢😢


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