Wednesday Giveaway

Alice R is this week’s lucky winner! If you are not Alice,  you can find bobbin sets, individual bobbins, and empty bobbin boxes here.



120 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. I love these. I have a couple of the old ones that I use all the time and I would love to have more because they are so handy.


  2. I like to use bobbins for small jobs as they are easier to find than going through all the spools of various colors. I like Superior threads and use them regularly.


  3. I would love to win the threads and bobbin case. My current bobbin case is held together with a rubber band! Thank you.


  4. Why do companies do this? The thread number you use may come back as another color or a close color but not the same. I wish they would keep the colors and just add new. Thank you for the opportunity to have some classic colors.


  5. Superior Threads really are great threads and I have about a half dozen spools. These bobbin colors would match with many of the colors I sew with! Thank you!


  6. I LOVE Superior Threads and especially these bobbin threads for applique. Not only are they great to applique with but easily small enough to carry around in my bag/purse when I need something to work with while waiting for an appointment. Beautiful colors!


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