Wednesday Giveaway

Vickie is this week’s lucky winner! If you are not Vicki and want to order charms for your very own scissors, click here.

I use a scissor charm on all my scissors, especially the serrated scissors. And you know what? These are cute enough to use on more than scissors… bags, purses, backpacks, the list goes on.



139 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. Darling scissor charms. Know Elanor will pick some cute ones as well. Made some several years ago to give as gifts to my applique buddies. Yours are cuter!


  2. Happy spring (although we had another snow here in PA this week). I love the rainbow chard that my husband grows. Go for it.


  3. I always ponder how to mark my notions when taking them to quilt guild. I really don’t like writing my name on them (what? are we in kindergarten again?). But still want to know I got everything I took and to get it home. These are practical and cute, besides. A real A+ for this doo-dad!!


  4. Becky, you grow chard from seeds, not plants. I think they are in the same family as beets as their seeds are similar in size and shape. Thin your plants as directed on the seed package. Enjoy.


  5. Your charming charms are delightful and so cute. I have several of yours on my scissors. Your blog is also fun, informative, and I look forward to it each Wednesday along with the giveaway. Would love to win the sweet charms!


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