Wednesday Giveaway

Pamela Erickson is this week’s give-away winner! Congratulations!


If you are not Pamela and still want one of these awesomely cute zip pouches, you can find it and all of the other cute BlueQ pouches here.

93 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. Your pouches are absolutely darling and so very useful. I would love to receive your your pouch. Have a wonderful time on the island, we go there often and love every minute spent at the Grand and on the island.


  2. I certainly hope you have a wonderful time teaching. That pouch will be a hit in class. I know I admired your fun pouches when I was in your improv class. See you in September.


  3. I’m in Naples,FL and our botanical garden has an animatronic dinosaur display and they even growl. Wouldn’t I have fun to receive this pouch? And to pass on to a lucky grandchild


  4. My son was obsessed with dinosaurs as a child. I am sure he could tell you what kind of dinosaur that is even today (he is graduating from UCLA in June)!


  5. Becky, have a wonderful trip to the islandee and viewing the grand Hotel. There is nothing more special in life than sharing parts of our lives with our grandchildren. Barb


  6. You will love Mackinac. It’s beautiful there. And The Grand is lovely. Don’t miss afternoon tea. Have a great time.


  7. Hope you have a great trip. I know your class will be a great success. I enjoy the bag I have and could always use another one.


  8. I can’t wait to meet both you and Elanor at The Grand Hotel!! I’m not taking your class (what was I thinking!!!), but hope to run into you and introduce myself. Safe travels and see you in MI.


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