Wednesday Giveaway

Diane Rose is this week’s lucky winner. She’s receiving a set of 3 Clutch notebooks from Blackwing. I always have one of these with me (along with my pencil and sharpener). I really like these small notebooks because the paper is perfect AND the cover is sturdy. If you are not Diane and you still want the notebooks, click here to find them on my site.



127 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. I would love to try out your notebooks and the pencil sharpener. Always helps to have this on your sewing table for notes!!


  2. Oh Becky, would love to win this give-away. What a treat. I love sketching and would appreciate trying out your notebooks. Thanks.


  3. What lovely notebooks. I usually end up using a receipt at the bottom of my purse and pen that is almost (not quite) out of ink.


  4. I think these notebooks would help me to organize my quilting projects. More room for note and sketches. thank you for the good ideas.


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