Newcastle Art Gallery…

The amazing painting above is Lottie and James by Jonathan Dalton and it was on most of the promotional information and posters for the exhibit.

The Newcastle Art Gallery is hosting the finalists from the Archibald Prize 2017. This is an annual contest featuring portraits painted specifically for the contest. There were also paintings by youth in the area. It was all amazing!

The young artists ranged in age from 5-18. I was very impressed…

Of all the paintings in the exhibit, this was my favorite — mostly because the woman depicted is the spitting image of my granddaughter, Elanor, albeit a little older.

Heymnan by Kim Leutwiler

Heymnan by Kim Leutwiler, painted for the Arichibald Prize 2017 competition

I love portraits. Maybe it’s the fact that you can stand and stare without having to talk to the person you are in front of. Actual faces are also fun to look at, but you have to deal with the person inside, if that makes sense.

This one was really interesting, and engaging…

And it is always fun to watch people viewing art…




8 thoughts on “Newcastle Art Gallery…

  1. so interesting to see this artwork. thank you for posting them for those of us who wouldn’t otherwise be able to see it. I was drawn in to all of them….but when I got to the one of the woman with no hair, those eyes just engaged me in that instant. so wonderfully done, that strong jawline, I’d love to have a conversation with her.


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