Wednesday Giveaway

Alice Ronne is this week’s lucky winner of an Aunt Pam’s quilt sponge and a Color Wheel Poster.


The sponge is a handy hair and lint remover to have in your sewing room, class supplies, car, in your suitcase, etc.


If you are not Alice, click here to find Aunt Pam’s quilt sponge. They are inexpensive, you might actually want more than one :-). Click here to find the color wheel.

77 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. Who would have ever guessed…quilt spong? More environmentally friendly that’s for sure. No waste with the rollers, or painters tape when yah can’t find the roller. Thanks Becky


  2. I would love to win this sponge. I have 2 dogs one blonde (sheds like a lab) and a black pom Chihuahua mix that sheds even worse. Would help a lot. Thank you for chance.


  3. I could really use this. My Persian (long white hair) cat just loves to test fabric when it comes in the door, while it’s on the cutting table or ironing board, while I’m sewing it (she gets a little miffed when I move her) and, of course, continues to test all quilts that are left out.


  4. We are babysitting our granddaughter’s husky while she and her husband are deployed. What a great gadget to have for him!


  5. The color wheel would even look pretty hanging over the sewing machine. It would be great when choosing colors for a quilt.


  6. I always use a lint roller, but this seems more “eco” friendly. Keep your veggies growing. They are beautiful even if you don’t eat them.


  7. Becky, I hate it that you are just a mortal like the rest of us making mistakes! Glad to hear it. I would love to win the color wheel. I use a small one for everything I create!


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