Wednesday Giveaway


Pam W won this week’s giveaway, a Wooly Charm pack from In the Patch in Goldenrod.

If you are not Pam and would like to see all of the wool charm packs, click here. Each one is lovely!

Happy stitching!

144 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. I was just at the wonderful Minnesota Quilt show and was surprised to see how many different vendors carried wool! They know we can’t get enough of it! Thanks for the giveaway!


  2. I’ve just begun working with wool appliqué. I need to work on building a collection of wool to use. Oh my goodness, I have to buy more fabric!!


  3. I’ve been doing more wool work recently and these pieces would go nicely in my projects. Thanks for the inspiration you give in your blog Becky!


  4. I heard years ago that every project should have a bit of gold in it to make it look gorgeous and I have found this to be true. I love to collect a skein of gold yarn here and there for this reason with my knitting but I admit I haven’t applied this rule in my wool applique projects. This little collection is a perfect way to start!
    Also, I just watched your video tip for moving the needle over in machine applique! Thank you for this awesome and super useful tip!!!!


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