Walking off jet lag in Barcelona

This is the view from our apartment:

Sagrada Familia 1

This is the Sagrada Familia, designed by Antonin Gaudi. Construction started in 1882 and it may be done by 2026 (or so). I have always been fascinated by his work and now I get to see it up close. His buildings feel like living beings.

Sagrada Familia 2

There are words on the Sagrada Familia… I didn’t expect that. And the fonts they are written feel modern.

Sagrada Familia 3

We’ll take a tour of the inside in a few days.

Next up, we walked to Gaudi’s La Padrera, aka Casa Mila, an apartment building, and toured the inside. This is looking up through one of the atriums…

La Pedrera-1

The rooftop is covered with magical ‘figures’…

La Pedrera-2

La Pedrera-3

La Pedrera-4

In the attic you get a chance to appreciate how Guadi’s buildings are constructed. They may look random, the the math and engineering behind them if perfect, and astounding!



I am fading fast as I write this. I hope it all makes sense :-). Tomorrow we go Montserrat!

7 thoughts on “Walking off jet lag in Barcelona

  1. Barcelona was my favorite….until I went to Prague, this summer! I was at the Sagrada Familia in 2006, It has come a long way since then. I’d love to go back when it is finished, whenever that may be!


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