Swimming with the fishes…

Well, I swam with little tiny fishes :-). But first, we walked a bit along the coastal paths near Sa Tuna.



The Mediterranean Ocean is amazingly clear and blue. Actually, it is many shades of blue depending on the sunlight, the depth of the water, etc. The color changed all day long.


There are a lot of ups and downs on this walk but it’s not all uphill. You do get to go downhill as well.


And there is so much to look at that will make you smile!


There were a lot of topless ladies of all ages and sizes on the beach. So many that really, who cares. There were lots of men in speedos… not a look I love but, again, who cares. These folks appear to embrace the bodies they have. I like that.


The beach at Sa Tuna is wider than you see here, but that little tiny bit of sand (really, it was smooth gravel) next to the rock in the lower right is where Steve and I sat in the shade. The kids sat more in the sun.

We got there early, while parking was easy and the beach was empty. By the time we left at 1:30, the beach was full!


We have one more full day of vacation and we are going to another beach. I have so many photos to show you once I get back home. The vacation will live on :-).

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