About the Chinese blog posts…

If you subscribe to my blog through a blog reader, you may have been getting a lot of posts in Chinese. My son, Chris, has been looking into it. He thinks that one of my old blog hosts has been hacked. (I used Blogger, then Typepad, and now I’m with WordPress.)

Chris is trying a variety of things, but for now the best fix is for you to unsubscribe on your reader, and then resubscribe to my current blog site at this link: https://pieceocakeblog.com/.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and do hope this fix works for you.

5 thoughts on “About the Chinese blog posts…

  1. So glad you found this out.  Up until today I wasn’t able to email you of this issue. I received a WP notice that my account was hacked.   BTW, I do enjoy your travels.  Please, do show us some local meals you have enjoyed. Thanks! Jam


  2. Thanks for telling us about this. I JUST sent you an email regarding this problem so just ignore it! I didn’t realize it wasn’t just my problem!


  3. Thank you letting us know. I did as you suggested and am back to getting your posts in English. Mine were showing up on your former typepad blog.


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