Show and Tell…

Margery Tadder from Colorado Springs sent me a lovely email show and tell and I’m sharing it with you. Margery, I love your quilt and I’m so happy that you enjoyed making it! It was a very creative thought to enlarge the block to make the medallion. Way to go, you!

Many years ago I bought your wonderful book, Welcome to the North Pole, and immediately fell in love with the ice cream shoppe. I had the design enlarged 400% and made a machine appliquéd medallion block. I love to do hand appliqué but knew I wouldn’t live long enough to make a king size quilt by hand!


Anyway, copying Baskin-Robbins flavors, I made 33 cone blocks to go around the shoppe block. Of all the quilts I’ve made this is my favorite and am so grateful to you for your wonderful designs. Am sending a picture of the medallion block and one of the cones so you can see how it turned out.


I used to enjoy seeing you and Linda on “Simply Quilts” and have been a devotee of hand appliqué ever since seeing those shows and buying your great books. Whenever I sit down to do hand work your New Appliqué Sampler is always right beside me!

Most Sincerely,


5 thoughts on “Show and Tell…

  1. Love the quilt and Welcome to the North Pole is one of my favorite books. Working on the North Pole quilt right now for a Christmas present. It’s my second.


  2. I just love your quilt Margery. It is so cute and I Iove the ice cream shoppe too. Years ago I also bought welcome to the North Pole. I got discouraged and put it away. I was going to change the names on the shoppes to family names and give it away as a present. I still have it. Maybe your quilt will give me the incentive to bring it out again. Thank you for sharing.

    Sharon Rutledge


  3. Margery – I absolutely LOVE what you did. Wish I had thought of that when my mom was alive. She LOVED ice cream. I, too, loved seeing Becky and Linda on Simply Quilts. That was when I just knew I had to start quilting. Took years of practice but now I can do some decent needleturn applique and I’m ready to start Welcome to the North Pole. Love that book and quilt. Enjoy that quilt!! And the idea to put the flavor on the ice cream cone – fantastic!


  4. Forgot to ad – when I do make that quilt it will be Den and Jerry’s (instead of Ben and Jerry’s) cause my husband is Jerry and my son is Dennis!!!


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