Show and tell…

I love show and tell, don’t you? Nadine Hogrefe sent this recently. The story she posted to go with it on Facebook follows. FYI: This is A Walk in the Mountains, one of our blocks of the month. Click here to find the digital patterns.

From Nadine: Good Morning Everyone! Today’s Project! Pin basting a 56×62” wall hanging! So many memories with this one. I purchased this Piece O’ Cake appliqué quilt kit at a Lancaster PA Quilt Show in 1998. My Aunt Jean (my quilting mentor and true soul mate) took me to this show and we both bought this kit. We both finished building it about the same time….she quilted hers very soon. I, on the other hand being true to myself, got chasing other beautiful shiny objects and allowed it to hang marinating in the quilt top closet until yesterday. NOW is the time to get this sucker finished! Aunt Jean told me too! Oh how I still miss you😢…..”

Linda made the original quilt and it is a design that stands the test of time. Nadine, great job and I know I’m not alone when I say ‘well done’! Thank you for sharing.

Show and tell…

Jill Isakson sent me this photo of her beautiful finished quilt.

 Jill says:

My quilt, My Lucky Stars, is finished.  My friend Linda Neal did the appliqué border.  We adapted the pattern slightly to fit a square quilt. The appliqué border really finishes and frames the quilt!  It was in the Dallas Quilt Show which was unfortunately cancelled but the judging did take place and it received a 2nd place ribbon.

Congrats to Jill and Linda! What a lovely quilt and I thank you for sharing it :-).

FYI: The border design is from the Anniversary Quilt, which is in Flowering Favorites. I’m not sure of the pattern used in the quilt center.

Show and tell…

Susie Johnson sent me a really cheerful show and tell! This from Susie:

Dear Becky – Thought I might finally share a couple photos with you. I finally finished the pillow shams to go with my two twin bed quilts from your Everyday Best pattern. I’ve always adored polka dots and collected polka dot fabrics for years (long before they were all the rage) determined to make your quilt pattern but using only polka dot fabrics. The quilts were finally finished a couple years ago but I thought shams would look great so … ok, I’m done now thanks to a self-imposed COVID-19 quarantine. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your generous tutelage and creative inspiration over the years. Stay safe and sew on during the difficult days ahead.Best wishes- Susie Johnson

I LOVE these quilts and the pillows are just perfect with them on the beds. Thank you, Susie, for sending such happy quilt pictures!

FYI: Click here to find the Everyday Best downloadable pattern. The round blocks are sewn on foundation papers.

Show and tell…

Look what Judy made using my free Bagel Pincushion pattern

Here’s what Judy said in her email:

Thank you for providing the free Bagel Pincushion pattern. I made three of them this weekend. They are so much fun, so easy and allowed me to sort thru my wool remnants which is always fun. Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your kindness with sharing the pattern. 
Blessings,  Judy 

You can find this quilt pattern others on this page. Have fun!

Show and tell…

Beth North wrote to say: “Finally all done!” Isn’t her Bullseye quilt fantastic! I love the colors she chose.

Beth also wrote:

Thank you for creating this pattern. It was hung at the reception hall for decorations. Love the outcome. Your You Tube videos were very helpful. I took class, but was over a year ago in Spokane, WA. One tends to forget. Again,  thank you

It is so nice to see the finished quilt. Thank you, Beth, for sharing!

Show and tell…

Jeanne Brenner sent me photos of the quilt made by members of Quilters Limited in Tallahassee for their opportunity quilt for the annual Capital City Quilt Show. The quilt show theme is Jazz It up, so they named ours Jazzy Garden. It is hand appliqued by many of quilters who took my class students, and it is hand quilted.

The blocks are in our ebook, Aunt Millie’s Garden. The border is similar to—but very differebnt from—the border in the pattern. Click here to find the ebook.

Show dates have not been announced yet, but the winning ticket will be drawn on the last day of the event.

Jeanne also sent a picture of her own quilt, made a few years ago with a different background….I love to see the difference fabric selection makes.

Both quilts are amazing! Well done and thank you for sharing!