Show and tell…

Look what Judy made using my free Bagel Pincushion pattern

Here’s what Judy said in her email:

Thank you for providing the free Bagel Pincushion pattern. I made three of them this weekend. They are so much fun, so easy and allowed me to sort thru my wool remnants which is always fun. Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your kindness with sharing the pattern. 
Blessings,  Judy 

You can find this quilt pattern others on this page. Have fun!

Show and tell…

Beth North wrote to say: “Finally all done!” Isn’t her Bullseye quilt fantastic! I love the colors she chose.

Beth also wrote:

Thank you for creating this pattern. It was hung at the reception hall for decorations. Love the outcome. Your You Tube videos were very helpful. I took class, but was over a year ago in Spokane, WA. One tends to forget. Again,  thank you

It is so nice to see the finished quilt. Thank you, Beth, for sharing!

Show and tell…

Jeanne Brenner sent me photos of the quilt made by members of Quilters Limited in Tallahassee for their opportunity quilt for the annual Capital City Quilt Show. The quilt show theme is Jazz It up, so they named ours Jazzy Garden. It is hand appliqued by many of quilters who took my class students, and it is hand quilted.

The blocks are in our ebook, Aunt Millie’s Garden. The border is similar to—but very differebnt from—the border in the pattern. Click here to find the ebook.

Show dates have not been announced yet, but the winning ticket will be drawn on the last day of the event.

Jeanne also sent a picture of her own quilt, made a few years ago with a different background….I love to see the difference fabric selection makes.

Both quilts are amazing! Well done and thank you for sharing!

North Pole show and tell…

Diane Pfeifley wrote to say: “After I made Whoville for my niece, I decided that I wanted a Santa village for myself. It’s all needle turn appliqué, hand quilted, and embellished to death. I searched and collected fun, little things for several years. Then I decided to try beading. I hadn’t done any beading before. Well, if a little beading is good… a lot of beading is better! I’ve had so much fun using your North Pole patterns. Thanks for a wonderfully fun bunch of patterns.”

Is this not the cutest quilt ever?! I love the way she mixed and matched the houses from Welcome to the North Pole over the face of this quilt. I wanted to see details and Diane kindly took and shared more photos…

Daine also said: “I also forgot to mention that I used trapunto for the snow banks. First try at that too. If you can’t experiment on yourself where can you experiment?” So very true.

Every part of this makes me grin! Thank you, Diane, for sharing your fantastic quilt!

Show and tell…

Jackie Madison emailed to say that she finally finished quilting her Pick up Sticks quilt made during the class I taught 2 years ago in Plymouth, MN! Isn’t it wonderful! Her quilt is the first I’ve seen in this grape/raspberry color combo and it works really well.

The instructions for this quilt are in my book, A Quilter’s Practical Guide to Color. It isn’t a straight-up cut-flip-and-sew pattern—there are some important cutting instructions that enhance the ‘explosive’ movement.

Thank you, Jackie, for sharing your finished quilt!

Show and tell…

My friend, Margaret Thompson, wrote to say that she finally finished these two unicorn quilts.
She made them for Emma and Elle, two young girls close to her heart.

Aren’t they great!

Margaret started these two quilts in an independent study class I taught at Empty Spools. She knew what she wanted to make and she made them! Margaret is a finisher, even when work-life slows down her quilting life. I’m happy for you, Margaret, because I know how happy this makes you :-). Well done and thank you for sharing!

The quilts are boxed and on their way to their new home. It’s magic in a box.