Show and Tell

Pam Rubinos sent me an email with two finished quilts. Both are just fantastic!

First up, Aunt Millie’s Garden:


Pam says:

I finally finished my Aunt Millie’s Garden quilt. I recently entered my Backyard Birds in our Palmetto Quilt Guild quilt show and received an Honorable Mention. My name for this quilt is Not Your Everyday Backyard Birds! because I had so much fun being creative with my birds.  Loved making each quilt. Thank you for your inspiring patterns!

Here is Pam’s version of Backyard Birds. I love everything about both quilts. Thank you, Pam, for sharing!


Show and Tell

Marian sent me another picture! The blocks are from our book, Backyard Birds.


Here’s what Marian said:

These were made by me when I first moved to Africa. I learned so much, like you can have 4 different background fabrics that aren’t matchy-matchy and how soothing hand applique can be. Also, a little whimsy make like more fun. My favorite fabric is the hedgehog leaves.

I really like her background choices, and the fabrics she used around the blocks. Together, they set off the applique perfectly. Thank you, Marian, for sharing you work!

Show and Tell

Marian Phelps sent me this photo of her newly finished Magical Unicorn. Her story about the quilt (below the photo) is great!

As soon as I received the pattern I went to work. This was completed in November and it was a joy to work on.
I live in Liberia, Africa and have a limited stash so had to make do with what I had except the grass. Since I didn’t want to piece it I ordered more from Craftsy and the waiting…..most things take 2 to 3 weeks to get us.
She (my unicorn) is loved and adored by everyone who meets her! I tell her admirers that she runs around at nite and makes sure you only have happy dreams.
Thank you for a fantastic and magical project.
I just love this idea… that the unicorn brings happy dreams :-). Thank you, Marian, for sharing! And, gotta say, you chose really good fabric for the grass!

Show and Tell

It must be the season for finishing quilts because I have another one to share. Colleen Coiner sent in her version of the unicorn quilt.  She made it for her 7 year old great-granddaughter who just loves unicorns. Isn’t it wonderful!


This is a quilt that is going to be loved and hugged, a lot! Thank you, Colleen, for sharing it with us!

Show and Tell

Marva Gurley sent me the picture of her Simply Delicious wall hanging that she just finished days ago. She reduced the 14″ blocks to 7″… those are 7″ fruit blocks surrounded by 1″ sashing squares!

Simply Delicious

Here’s what Marva says: “My finished piece measures 33.5″ by 42”.  The project took nearly 5.5 months.  I am so happy with my new “baby”, as I have admired this pattern for a long time.  My methods are hand applique and hand quilting.  Thank you so much for making such a beautiful pattern.”

I’m impressed — way to go, Marva! Thank you for sharing your lovely quilt.

Show and Tell

Judy sent me this photo of the house block she started in class, in Georgetown, TX. It is so happy!


Here’s what Judy wrote: “It is so whimsical and I have made it into a pillow.  Thanks, I really enjoyed the class and the toothpick is always  near by when I’m working on a project. Judy”

As always, I appreciate everyone who sends me pictures. Thanks, Judy :-).


Show and Tell…

Kathy Adler sent me this photo of her Aunt Millie’s Garden quilt. She named it Orange Obsession. I love it! I have my own obsession going on with orange so it’s particularly nice to see Kathy’s version of this quilt.


Kathy wrote: , “The quilt won 1 st place in its division and Best Applique in the Las Colcheras Judged Quilt Show last weekend. I love your patterns! I took a class from you in 2005… and have been appliquéing ever since!”

Thank you, Kathy, for sharing your lovely quilt!