Show and tell…

Unicorns really are magical! They appear, kind of out of the blue, to put a smile on your face :-).

Susanne Hilton sent me this picture of the unicorn quilt she made for her granddaughter, who loves it! Susanne said “it was so fun to make!!”

I love Susanne’s fabric choices! Well done, and very smile-inducing.

Show and tell…

Linda L. Jones sent these photos of her recently finished Magical Unicorn quilt. She made it for a friend’s granddaughter. Linda simplified the pattern and says that the machine appliqué was fun and fast 😃.

Here is Michaelann with Linda’s husband, who was a farrier/horse person in an earlier life. He helped Linda to simplify the drawing of the unicorn just a big. And that’s the Gulf of Mexico in the background. All in all, it looks pretty magical, don’t you think?!

Show and tell…

Jeannette Kling emailed this photo of her Hexie Garden quilt hanging in the Naples Quilt Show where it earned an Honorable Mention. She says she was so happy while making this quilt and it was great fun finding the fabric, especially for the fussy cutting around the small hexie flowers.

The hand applique was done by Jeannette Kling and Judy Ettema of Torch Lake Quilting did the machine quilting. I say well done all round! Thank you, Jennette, for sharing your wonderful quilt with us!

If you are interested in the Hexie Garden Quilt pattern, you can find it here [–Patterns/Books–DVD/p/Hexie-Garden-Quilt-x31059659.htm].

Show and tell…

Jean Seymour sent me the following story and photo. Her quilt is lovely and shows her adventurous spirit—it’s Jean’s first needleturn project I’m impressed!

Thank you for this pattern.  My first time at needle turn and bought everything I needed from you.  Some of the pieces got so small and I was taking so long getting it done that I switched to button hole stitching. But turned out not to bad.  Was quilted by my friend Sally Grimbrone here in Yuma Az.

I like the sideways orientation of the blocks. I’ll bet Jean has the perfect spot to hang this quilt. Thank you, Jean, for sharing your quilt with us :-).

Show and tell…

Sharon McCrosky sent me the following email and I’m going to share it with you as written:

I was delighted to receive your Magical Unicorn Quilt Pattern. My nephew’s little daughter, Zoe, eighth birthday was coming up.  So on July 1, 2018 , I just finished a Monster Quilt for her little brother and received your pattern in the mail.

I was progressing with the quilt when on August 15th I fell walking my little dog and broke my right shoulder and left foot.  This was tortures: no sewing, no quilting, and no handwork. The mending has been slow and painful.  You can understand how delighted I was too start back on the Unicorn quilt. Today!! I mailed it to a very patient little girl, who celebrated her eighth birthday December 27. I can hardly wait to see pictures of her beautiful smile when opening her special gift.

Thank you so very much for producing such an enchanting design. Now finishing Welcome to the North Pole. Thank you, Sharon McCrosky

Sharon also made a pillowcase for Zoe from unicorn fabric! That is one lucky little girl.

Sharon, I’m glad you have recovered and are sewing again. Thank you so much for sharing the story of your quilt with us!

Show and Tell

Haley Ward made this quilt in my Empty Spools class last year…

Haley is a newish quilter and she did a fantastic job on this quilt. Her fabric rainbow is very happy! I love it that the quilt looks pretty on the wall and on the sofa!

Thank you, Haley, for sharing the photos of your quilt! FYI, the pattern for the quilt is in Piecing the Piece O’ Cake Way, 2nd ed.

Show and tell…

I’m still on vacation with Elanor in Portland, but I want to share this from Susan Sharp…

In her email, she says ‘I used your pattern to make tree skirts for gifts this Christmas.  They are beautiful.’

I agree with Susan, this is a beautiful tree skirt! And she made more than one!

It’s almost sad to cover it up with presents!

Thank you, Susan, for sharing these with us 🙂