Show and tell…

Sharon Rutledge sent me this photo of her quilt and her story about it.

This quilt is from one of my favorite Piece O’ Cake books. I see various quilts from the past shown on your sight and it dawned on me that I have one too. Duh! It’s not the fanciest one but it’s my personal favorite.  I had fun making this quilt and quilting it myself. Quilting is not my biggest talent. I was able to handle this one. I’m now working on Leaves and Strings  which is similar.

Sharon, I think you have plenty of quilting talent! Your quilt is lovely and I thank you for sharing it with us.

This quilt, Gathering Leaves, is in our ebook, Once Upon A Season.

Show and tell…

Barb Glaeser sent this picture of her recently finished Tree of Life quilt.

Here is the story behind the quilt:

I loved the project and it traveled many places with me over the years. I did make a few design additions. I added a butterfly because my right side wound up curving out too far and leaving a void, when I washed it after doing the quilting one of the red wool flower centers bled, so we had to have bullion bumble bees! Since it is the tree of life I thought this was appropriate!
My daughter decided she like the tree of life quilt but wanted it smaller to hang in a certain place in her home (which she no longer lives in!!). I decided to make it the size of the pattern in the book (i.e. not enlarge at all). This was a 5 year 10 month on/off project (I know because I started when my grandson was born and finished last month and he turned 6 yesterday!).
It finished at 36 x 36.

I love the way Barb made this quilt her own. Well done and thank you for sharing!

Show and tell…

Rachel Krezer sent me this photo of her quilt, made for her soon-to-arrive great niece, Margaret Grace.

She used our Whimsical Designs coloring book #1 to create her quilt. She scanned the pictures into her Bernina V8 software, used the applique feature to convert it to machine applique, then used her Bernina 880 to do the actual work.

I don’t do this sort of machine applique so I have to say that this sounds pretty impressive :-). Well done, Rachel! Margaret is one lucky little lady.

Show and tell…

Unicorns really are magical! They appear, kind of out of the blue, to put a smile on your face :-).

Susanne Hilton sent me this picture of the unicorn quilt she made for her granddaughter, who loves it! Susanne said “it was so fun to make!!”

I love Susanne’s fabric choices! Well done, and very smile-inducing.

Show and tell…

Linda L. Jones sent these photos of her recently finished Magical Unicorn quilt. She made it for a friend’s granddaughter. Linda simplified the pattern and says that the machine appliqué was fun and fast 😃.

Here is Michaelann with Linda’s husband, who was a farrier/horse person in an earlier life. He helped Linda to simplify the drawing of the unicorn just a big. And that’s the Gulf of Mexico in the background. All in all, it looks pretty magical, don’t you think?!

Show and tell…

Jeannette Kling emailed this photo of her Hexie Garden quilt hanging in the Naples Quilt Show where it earned an Honorable Mention. She says she was so happy while making this quilt and it was great fun finding the fabric, especially for the fussy cutting around the small hexie flowers.

The hand applique was done by Jeannette Kling and Judy Ettema of Torch Lake Quilting did the machine quilting. I say well done all round! Thank you, Jennette, for sharing your wonderful quilt with us!

If you are interested in the Hexie Garden Quilt pattern, you can find it here [–Patterns/Books–DVD/p/Hexie-Garden-Quilt-x31059659.htm].

Show and tell…

Jean Seymour sent me the following story and photo. Her quilt is lovely and shows her adventurous spirit—it’s Jean’s first needleturn project I’m impressed!

Thank you for this pattern.  My first time at needle turn and bought everything I needed from you.  Some of the pieces got so small and I was taking so long getting it done that I switched to button hole stitching. But turned out not to bad.  Was quilted by my friend Sally Grimbrone here in Yuma Az.

I like the sideways orientation of the blocks. I’ll bet Jean has the perfect spot to hang this quilt. Thank you, Jean, for sharing your quilt with us :-).