Show and tell…

Gail Ghiozzi from the Brentwood Delta Quilters Guild wrote to me back in January asking for permission to use our pattern, Swallows in the Window, from Once Upon a Season for their opportunity quilt. I happily gave permission and today I got to see the quilt. It is lovely! Thank you, Gail, for sending these pictures!

They adapted the pattern from the original in a really brilliant way. They only used the pieced bird body units in bright batiks and with a white background. They didn’t add the setting blocks in between. Amazing how the pattern changes, isn’t it?!

Gail says that

Matching the points of the bird body units so that the four point stars that touched were the same fabric was quite a feat. Lots of brainery and patience was required. LOL.  I am attaching two photos of the quilt itself; on the design wall and at its first showing, which was at a Quilt in the Garden affair. I am also attaching the flyer for our Opportunity quilts for the 2020 year.  

Here’s the flyer…

Here’s a link to their site: in case you want to see about buying tickets.

Show and tell…

Pat McCandless sent this version of the Lawn and Garden design. Here’s what Pat wrote:

I used magenta background based on the one you showed some months ago, and combined it with 3 different artists’ bluebird patterns to create a wedding quilt for a young friend. I loved the way it turned out. It is now en route to Ohio, due to be delivered to the bride’s mom today, in time for a shower on Saturday. After I had already completed the quilt top, I learned that the bride’s fiancé calls her his”little bird”, and the decorating theme for their December wedding revolves around birds. Ahhh….kismet!

Thank you, Pat, for sharing your quilt. I love the way you mixed up the different quilt blocks to make this special quilt!

Pat also said that she is truly appreciating the Hand Sewing Adventure right now. She was one among the many, many California household without power due to the PG&E shutoff.  Having something to sew by hand underway is especially important at times like this!

I agree with that sentiment!

Show and tell…

I met Lynn Hyman last month at a quilt meeting in Loudon, Tennessee. She wasn’t happy with the way her Sizzle blocks were turning out. I suggested that she remake the blocks she wasn’t happy with because she had already put so much work into the quilt.

Lynn did that, and also removed the corners from all of the circles.  She auditioned some other fabrics and fell in love with a different color than my original choice for the corners. That made such a difference! Lynn says that she can’t wait to finish the quilt now….

I really like Lynn’s colorway. It is so different from either of the two Sizzle quilts I made. You can see both of my quilts at The Quilt Show. The pattern is part of your membership for 2019.

Thank you, Lynn, for sharing your quilt!

Show and tell…

Sharon Rutledge emailed this story to me a few days ago. She wrote:

“Last night I spent some time with my grandkids. My granddaughter brought out some of her baby dolls and some of her baby doll blankets. This blanket is one I made from scraps that I had. It’s about 16×20. I haven’t seen this for awhile so it was nice to see it was still in service.”

“After searching in her closet I also found the quilt that I made for her about 6 years ago.”

I love both quilts. The subtle piecing of the background sets off the flowers and borders so well. And the doll quilt is wonderful—and both look like they have been well loved. Thank you, Sharon, for sharing!

Show and tell…

Marty Anderson sent me an email with this story:

I am recovering some very old chairs that belonged to my grandmother, then my aunt and uncle. After they floated down the Guadalupe River in a flood, my aunt and uncle, then in their late 80’s gave them to me.  I am finally recovering the chairs.  I was amazed to find that the padding in the chairs were an old quilt that had been cut up.  Hand pieced and hand quilted I might add.  I would guess my grandmother did this.  She was a quilter.  I remember her frame that hung from the ceiling.  She loved bright colors, red especially.  I would have been pretty proud to have made this quilt with none of the points cut off!

The red fabric looks worn, like it was washed and used a lot. The quilt could also have been stained before being cut up and used in the chair seat. I think this shows that Marty’s grandmother was a frugal and practical woman :-).

Show and telll… Bullseye!

Louann Young sent me these pictures of her finished quilt. Here’s what she said:

I finally got it hung on our bedroom wall today. I wish I could take credit for the gorgeous machine quilting, but that was done by Debbie Ator of Dumont, Colorado. I enjoyed making this quilt so much and found your pattern extremely easy to follow. I know I will do another one day.

I love the color combination! Well done Louann, and Debbie!