Show and tell…

Karen Holt sent this photo after reading my most recent newsletter. She made Welcome to the North Pole in wool and cottons, with a lot of embellishing! It is wonderful!

The background is all wool and many of the appliqué pieces are wool, mixed with some cottons. She had been wanting to make this quilt for a LONG time and just finished it in April 😊.

Thank you, Karen, for sharing your quilt with us!

Show and tell…

Lisa Deering sent me this photo of her finished Baby Bullseye quilt. Isn’t it wonderful!!!!

From Lisa: I guess shelter-in-place is as good of a time as any to get things finished. I used a facing on the edges and attached it to the wall with Command Strips (removing the adhesive and hand stitching one side of the strips to the facing of the quilt).
The border geese are done in a rather large print which makes it look like they are moving around on the quilt. Of course one goose is going in the wrong direction just for fun.

Truth be told, I had to hunt and hunt for the geese flying backwards and even now, when I know where it is, I have to look for it. That big print does indeed add a lot of movement and it’s really good!

Show and tell…

Kathy Swanteck sent me this photo of her Searching for Beauty Quilt. I love it! Thank you, Kathy, for sharing it with us :-).

Making this quilt brought me joy during a challenging time. It will live in California.
The day after I started this quilt I was talking to my son in California. He said he and his girlfriend would like a quilt with viruses all over it. I laughed since I just started one. So it is going to live with him 😃.

Kathy Swanteck

Kathy said she followed my freezer paper appliqué technique, using a glue pen and that it worked great. Yay!

Show and tell…

Kim Jasko sent this photo of a quilt she recently finished (for an anniversary milestone) using what she calls ‘Becky’s Birds’, designs from our book, ‘My Whimsical Quilt Garden‘. Truth be told, the birds are more Linda’s birds than mine :-).

Kim plans on displaying her quilt every May.

The base design is from Amanda Murphy. I think this is an excellent mash-up of two different quilt patterns. Well done, Kim, and thank you for sharing!

Show and tell…

This is Anne Schulz’s Magican Unicorn quilt. She used a colorful print in the background instead of appliqueing the rainbow stripes. The quilt is really cute done that way!

Anne did all the quilting on her domestic machine. Thank you Anne—and Pat, who sent in the photo with Anne’s permission—for sharing your quilt with us. Well done!

Show and tell…

From Pam Washburn who said: “Just wanted to show you that I finally completed the Unicorn quilt. I bought the pattern from you when you came to the Wichita quilt guild. My granddaughter Harper turned 6 this May and she loved the quilt. Thanks so much.”

I love it and am so happy that you shared it with us! Your granddaughter will treasure this quilt all her life. Well done!