Wednesday Giveaway

Kathleen is this week’s lucky winner. She will receive a Free Hugs coin purse—because who doesn’t love free hugs?! Congrats to Kathleen!

Click here if you would like find more of these very cute, very useful zippered pouches at


I’ll be back next Wednesday with another Giveaway. Happy stitching!

98 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. This adorable pouch would make a great catch-all for my bobbin and small seam ripper. I’m constantly scooping up tools as I move away from my sewing room to do lap work in another cozy part of my home.


  2. I am a member of The Quilt Show and I was SO excited when they announced you were the 2019 BOM! I love both your new patterns. I have done paper piecing but not so much pointy so this will be fun!


  3. That’s a great coin purse. We can always use more of those. By the way, I took my little Yazzi container apart a while ago. It was easy as you say it was. And much easier to use if you don’t want all four zippered pouches in the way!


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