You are here….

I love this spot that’s is painted on the sidewalk in front of the shop, Tessuti Zoo, in Pacific Grove, CA.

The last time I posted this, one of you said that it could be painted on a round paver. I didn’t forget and this weekend I got the paver.

I painted it with exterior paint and used the Essential Circle tool to draw rings on the painted paver.

I pencilled in the letters and painted them in with small brushes. Pavers are not smooth which made it harder but not impossible.

I should have painted the light blue behind the letters first but I had thought I would leave it white. There was touching up of the dark blue later.

Isn’t this fun! Now it’s your turn :-).

5 thoughts on “You are here….

  1. If you are still in Portland and get to the Pittock Mansion, you can see five mountains from the rear of the building. My cousins just went there and didn’t learn this. Perhaps it was not clear enough to see or the tour didn’t tell them.


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