Show and tell…

Sharon McCrosky sent me the following email and I’m going to share it with you as written:

I was delighted to receive your Magical Unicorn Quilt Pattern. My nephew’s little daughter, Zoe, eighth birthday was coming up.  So on July 1, 2018 , I just finished a Monster Quilt for her little brother and received your pattern in the mail.

I was progressing with the quilt when on August 15th I fell walking my little dog and broke my right shoulder and left foot.  This was tortures: no sewing, no quilting, and no handwork. The mending has been slow and painful.  You can understand how delighted I was too start back on the Unicorn quilt. Today!! I mailed it to a very patient little girl, who celebrated her eighth birthday December 27. I can hardly wait to see pictures of her beautiful smile when opening her special gift.

Thank you so very much for producing such an enchanting design. Now finishing Welcome to the North Pole. Thank you, Sharon McCrosky

Sharon also made a pillowcase for Zoe from unicorn fabric! That is one lucky little girl.

Sharon, I’m glad you have recovered and are sewing again. Thank you so much for sharing the story of your quilt with us!

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