Wednesday Giveaway

I like short pins when I applique, and you can’t get any shorter than 1/2″! Short pins hold your applique neatly in place and they stay out of the way as you sew. What’s not to love?! Elaine is the lucky winner!

If you were not the lucky winner, you can order yours here.

88 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. Because of moving, a new computer and a change of email address I have finally begun to get everything back to normal. My Dvd TEACH YOUR TO APPLIQUE THE PIECE O’ CAKE WAY has been something I’ve watch many times. I think the applique pins would be great. Keep up your inspiration.


  2. I have been having such trouble with the clover pins being not sharp enough and they often have burrs on the tips. I just purchased some of the larger head bohin pins and am amazed at how sharp an smooth they are but the big heads do tend to catch my thread much more often. Maybe i really need these tiny sequin pins to add to my tool box. Thanks for the giveaway offer.


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