Wednesday Giveaway

If your hand sewing needle is hard to pull, Needle Grip-It will stop it from sliding through your fingertips. The package includes 77 self-sticking dots and it is going to Deborah L Contreras.

If you are not the Deborah, you can find Needle Grip-It here.

58 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. Ohhh my Goodness 😳 I literally was just sitting doing hand sewing/embroidery embellishment to my quilt top tonight and thinking 🤔 I need something like this!!! No idea that they already excisted. 😳


  2. This would be very handy to have. I haven’t tried them but have had the problem. It would be nice to try them. Enjoy your day.


  3. I love Colonial’s products. I especially like the leather finger dots as thimble. I find it hard to use a regular thimble and these work great. Would like to try the dots to pull needle easier. Thanks


  4. Looks like these would work much better than bandaids so I can have happy stitches instead of a pricked finger. Will definitely try if I don’t win.


  5. I remember being on a road trip and going through bank drive throughs looking for 1 giving out balloons to kids. Wish I had had this with me.


  6. These would be lots better than what I use now. I cut(very tediously) pieces from a rubber jar opener and wrap them around needle. I usually cut several pieces at a time(because They grow legs and walk off).


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