Venice, my last stop in Italy…

We rode the train and it was easy, clean, on time, and very civilized. This view greeted us as we left the station in Venice:

Of course we stopped to take pictures, and then it was a short walk to our hotel. Our rooms were not quite ready so we headed out to explore. We mostly explored the shops :-).

Venice is the place to buy Murano glass… and we did. And I know we’ll shop more tomorrow.

We did not buy a clown. They are everywhere. Maybe they’ve never read any Steven King?

There are also many shops with masks. Carnival is coming but perhaps masks are sold all year round here. I’ve not been before so don’t know the answer to that question.

We bought a meringue and ate a little of it. It was hard and very sugary.

The pastry looks fantastic, sad I can’t eat it.

I love these olive oil bottles.

I like the looks of this vegetable but have not eaten any yet.

We are finally getting the hang of selfies!

More tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Venice, my last stop in Italy…

  1. I have a small collection of those Murano glass clowns except that all of mine are holding musical instruments! Mine were inherited from my grandmother who had given them to her mom. I love them and would really like to get there and expand my collection. Looks like you had an absolutely great trip!!


  2. Great pics of one of my favorite places visited. I, too, purchased glass earrings. Also found a wonderful mask shop and had to purchase 3 beautiful hand made and hand painted ones. Still love them. Have a great time in a beautiful city. Keep the pictures coming.


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