The party’s over…

I spent my last day in Venice with Karen today. We went to the Peggy Guggenheim museum. She chose to live in Venice for the last many years of her life in a lovely place on the Grand Canal. This statue, that I love, is on the terrace that faces the Grand Canal. What an amazing view she had!

She was collector of modern art and there was much of it that I love…

I continue to be fascinated by the way the shadows from the art or the frame become an integral part of the art.

We ran into a small Women’s March, followed by unsmiling policemen.

We found out that garbage is collected in wheeled bins and hoisted onto boats. The collectors are dressedin bright green. It is a system that makes sense here.

I took pretty pictures that included water…

I also took photos of a seagull happily devouring a rat. We all have to eat something, right?

We shopped, but not for crazy expensive clothes or shoes (darn it).

I took a few more pretty photos of Venice…

Here I am with this homely fellow. You might notice the red gloves and very nice black bag from Florence.

I never did ride in a gondola. It was just too cold for me, no one I saw riding looked like they were loving it. Maybe I will do that when I come again.

It has been a lovely trip. I enjoyed spending time with Karen! I’m looking forward to being home, if only for a few days. I’ll be off again soon for New Orleans! The off season is a good time to go places.

And that’s it. We had a nice dinner. I think everything is going to fit into my bag to go home. Karen is helping by taking a few small things back in her bigger bag that will be checked.

20 thoughts on “The party’s over…

  1. Thank you, Becky, for the armchair tour of Europe! I just loved following you along by way of your spectacular pictures. It all looked so wonderful. You and Karen will have such happy memories, you lucky ladies!


  2. Loved going along on your trip! Beautiful pictures and informative narrative. 😊 Thank you so much for taking time to share your trip!


  3. Thank you for sharing your trip with us, I’ve enjoyed it! Interesting that the women’s signs were in English!
    Love your gloves and bag.


  4. What a wonderful picture journal of a great adventure. I enjoyed reliving many places that I had visited. Thanks for the memories.
    Safe trip home.


  5. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed tagging along with you on your amazing trip, even if I could only go virtually. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing insights and your brilliant photos. I agree, off season is a great time to travel.


  6. Loved the picture of the homely guy. What a hoot! The blue glass figurines in the case by Guggenheim’s statue looked gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your trip.


  7. Your photos are beautiful! Do you mind if I use a couple as reference photos for watercolor ? I’m a beginner as I am at quilting and paint only for my own enjoyment. I’m working on painting water and the Venice photos are so gorgeous. I went to the Amalfi coast and Tuscany in 2017 and would recommend that area for you to visit.


  8. We did your trip nearly 2 years ago so it has been wonderful to relive those beautiful cities through your photos…..though the weather was a little warmer in September and Venice had a bit of a flood because of the tides, some rain and the moon phase so that was extra fun watching birds and tourists splash about! Our trip ended in Spain so your pictures of your adventure there was also very much appreciated and enjoyed!!

    Your photos are exceptional…what a great eye you have for recording such great observations.


  9. Venice- Ah I would like to go there, but I surely enjoyed your beautiful pictures. They were really amazing….some looked like paintings, they were so good. Don’t give up quilting to become a photographer tho, even tho you would be good at it. Thanks for the lovely mini-vacation I had through your photos!


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