Wednesday Giveaway

These socks sum up my attitude most days because I do love an easy challenge! I’m OK with hard challenges, but easy challenges get marked off the list makes quicker which makes me so very happy :-). I hope that Karen, this week’s winner, feels the same.

This week’s giveaway is over. Be sure to come back next week! Until then, you can find this and more at!

84 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. Very cool socks! Cute saying as well. I like marking things off my to-do list as well. I’d forget most things without a list :-). Enjoy your day! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom 🙂 🙂


  2. Most of my socks are ones I’ve knit myself, mostly wild and crazy, but not quite so much as these are! Has been a cold winter and warm cozy socks are a must for another month or so. SPRING is coming!


  3. Who wouldn’t want to win these. I love to wear conversational socks. My mom said the other day when I took her to a doctor appointment. “I like to match my socks …. you don’t care do you “. I laughed inside and said no mom I don’t. She is 87 me 67!


  4. Morning Becky! With this unbelievable cold, snowy weather this year we need those socks, especially here in Wisconsin. They are adorable; I’d take that “challenge'”, oh yeah.


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