Wednesday Giveaway

Barbara J. is this week’s lucky winner. She will receive a box of Clover’s 3/4″ pins. They are one of the 3 pins I use for applique, along with the 1/2″ Sequin Pins and the Smaller Perfect Pins. And it isn’t glamorous, but I like to use these in in my design wall. They are big enough to do the job without being obtrusive.

I’ll be back next week with another Wednesday Giveaway!

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99 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. Would love the pins… and those baby birds are so wonderful. Send another photo when they are bigger please.


  2. I have different length pins for different purposes, too. I use long thin flexible ones with glass heads to hold patchwork together when I need to make sure the points and edges match; I have long ones with arrows on the top that help me to know which way the bottom seam goes as it runs under the needle, and I have some short sharp pins that I think are applique pins. I’d be interested to try something in-between!


  3. I’ve used them. I love them, I’m almost out of them. Please Please choose me!!!!! Thanks for your generosity each week. 🙂


  4. These are the best pins for appliqué. If you don’t win them buy them. My life with them got so much easier. Thanks Becky!!!


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