We spent two nights at the Moana Surfrider… the first hotel built in Waikiki. It was lovely and gracious, not inexpensive, but there you go. The saying goes that you get what you pay for and we did :-).

We have stopped for drinks at sunset at the Beach Bar in this hotel many times. It was so nice to be there as guests of the hotel! If you step out of the bar onto the beach and look left, you can see Diamond Head in the distance.

We were under umbrella #4 for most of Tuesday. Relaxing, except for when we swam or shifted our chairs to follow the shade.

The Royal Hawaiian (aka The Pink Hotel) is next door. That one is still on my bucket list.

Relaxing, when you aren’t used to it, takes getting used to. But it’s worth doing, even if you aren’t in Hawaii. We all carry a certain amount of stress and learning to let go of it is important for our mental and physical health. I can feel myself feeling better. This is a skill I am going to work on at home.

We moved on to Kauai on Wednesday. I’ll write about it in my next post. Aloha!

7 thoughts on “Aloha!

  1. Our Hawaii Quilt Guild (Oahu) had a show this week at the Blaisdell Center. Today’s the last day.
    Sorry I didn’t get to tell you about it sooner.
    Have a great Hawaiian vacation.


  2. Kauai is my favorite island. My mother was born in Kapa’a.
    Hope you visit the Kapaia Quilt Shop. Great fabrics!


  3. Sure would like to trade the May snows of Colorado for the warm Hawaiian sand about now! Your beautiful pictures brought back happy memories of a long ago vacation there and could almost smell the ocean air! Thank you for the armchair trip!


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