Do you know a seamstress?

My good friend needs this mother of the groom dress in a different color. This green dress can be taken apart to make the pattern to make it in a new color. Do any of you know anyone who could do this? If so, please let me know ASAP. Feel free to spread the word :-).

FYI: It’s a nice quality, thickish knit. Probably polyester.


6 thoughts on “Do you know a seamstress?

  1. I would look for a commercial pattern that is similar, if not identical, to this dress. The MOB might still need a seamstress in any case.


  2. Gowns by Bridgett in Hattiesburg, MS. That girl is awesome. She is on Facebook and I think her name is Bridgett Brooks Berry.


  3. I know a master at this. However, she lives in Price, Utah and isn’t well known. I don’t know if she would even accept this assignment, but her name is Alma Fister and her phone number is435-650-5102. I am confident she could do this, but am not confident she would want to. She is very busy with dance costumes, art theater costumes, and starting on her line of Halloween costumes (which are awesome). I sure hope this lady finds someone who can do this.


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