Jim has pretty eyes…

But what color are they?

Sometimes they look gray, or blue, or green-ish. I kind of like that I can’t exactly figure it out.

I followed a suggestion from Robin G. and bought a can of compressed air (the kind you use to blow out a keyboard). Who knew? Cats really don’t like that sound! Jim gets a shot of air when he bites or does some other bad thing. At this point the can all by itself makes him stop. Thank you, Robin!

Belle has accepted Jim as if he is her very pesky little brother. Mostly she ignores him.

They both sleep a lot… but not next to each other.

18 thoughts on “Jim has pretty eyes…

  1. I think Jim is going to be so beautiful when he’s fully grown. I love his coat and your right – his eyes are so amazing! My orange cat has eyes that are sometimes jade – so beautiful! But a lot of times they are yellow, greenish or hazel (maybe an orange cat trait?). I’m so glad Belle has accepted him. Love the pictures in your post!


  2. I’m in the middle of a sewing room reno, which means I’ve been basking in paint swatches. So using the terminology I learned in the local paint store, Jim has eyes that are a “complex neutral.” Should make for an interesting cat!


  3. Love your kitty stories!
    Makes me miss my own cat less. We decided to have him put down last Aug.,
    and it was the hardest decision we’ve ever made. I’ll never forget my husband
    trying to fill out the info to have the procedure done, while his tears dropped
    onto the sheet. We had him for 18 years and he traveled with us to AZ for
    11 of those winters..


  4. Love the story of how you have Jim as your new kitty. I can’t have any cats due to allergies, but I sure love them. Both Jim and Belle are sweeties.


  5. My vet told us the orange marmelade tabby males are the most affectionate of the domestic cats. Simon, our study of one can verify that, ha!


  6. Your cats are adorable. I miss mine so much but since they passed away I can’t have cats because I have allergies. I live vicariously.


  7. Jim is a very handsome guy! We found orange tabbies to be more dog-like than cat-like. Ours actually came when called and was more affectionate than some cats we’ve known. You have a real sweetie there.


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