Wednesday Giveaway

PMBremer is this week’s winner! She (or he) will receive a Thimble Pack Plus. The pack contains a sampler of dandy finger protectors that you will love. Included are a metal ThimbleDimple and a metal Thimble Crown with 8 adhesive dots, 12 leather ThimblePads, 4 Thimble-Its, and 12 Needle Grip-Its.

Happy stitching!

Shop for this and more :-).

90 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. These thimble aids will keep our fingers nimble for years to come and many beautiful creations for our families and friends.


  2. I use these all the time…for quilting and stitching and applique. Have not tried all the different kinds and would love to! Thanks for the chance to win.


  3. Would love to try this thimble pack – always looking for something to make applique a little less painful!! BTW – I love your Hexie Garden – what a brilliant idea! Off to look for the book.


  4. Loved meeting you and your husband on Wednesday. What a beautiful day to travel to Central Texas. I know you inspired many of us with your beautiful quilts and story.


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