10 thoughts on “Kittens = Zen-like interiors…

  1. The best day of Jim’s life was when he found you and came into your house! (Are you still calling him Damn-it-Jim? ) πŸ˜‰πŸ˜€


  2. so Jim now has a longer name – Damn-it-Jim! Well, too soon he’ll be an older cat just sleeping all day. I do like the cartoon. It’s the only sure way to cat proof the house!


  3. Not only little cats can do that. My Scotch Terrier has ruined 2 Bathrobes, 1 Pyjama, aboout 20 rolls of toilet paper, my husband’s automatic flowering devices etc,etc… I lover her nonetheless. Birgitt


  4. Funny, but having had our cat for 18 yrs., I totally get it!
    Now that he is in Kitty Heaven, we notice the clawed up
    corners of our box springs, carpet stains when he couldn’t
    keep his food down, etc. We still miss him, though!


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