Music for kids…

My friend, Laurie, put together this list for her good friend, Carla, for Carla’s granddaughter, Kella. (Now there’s a sentence that you may need to read twice!)

Carla wanted to introduce Kella to classical music but she didn’t know where to begin. Laurie knows music and she knows kids. I think it is brilliant that she began with the question ‘What mood are you in?”. Click here for a printable PDF version of this list.

You’ll need to search online for the music. I’m sure a playlist could be constructed and shared in iTunes. If any of you do put one together, please do share it with me and I’ll share the link. I suspect most of us would love it.

I wonder which mood would fit Elanor, floating on a unicorn on the water…

4 thoughts on “Music for kids…

  1. This list is wonderful. I’m going to pass it on to my nieces who love music and have small kiddos. (Almost wish I were still teaching school and could use it with my pupils.)


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