Show and tell…

Sharon Rutledge emailed this story to me a few days ago. She wrote:

“Last night I spent some time with my grandkids. My granddaughter brought out some of her baby dolls and some of her baby doll blankets. This blanket is one I made from scraps that I had. It’s about 16×20. I haven’t seen this for awhile so it was nice to see it was still in service.”

“After searching in her closet I also found the quilt that I made for her about 6 years ago.”

I love both quilts. The subtle piecing of the background sets off the flowers and borders so well. And the doll quilt is wonderful—and both look like they have been well loved. Thank you, Sharon, for sharing!

7 thoughts on “Show and tell…

  1. Thanks for sharing! First applique the Piece O’ Cake way, and I’ve been hooked ever since! It also reminds me I need to finish this quilt too!😊


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