Show and tell…

I met Lynn Hyman last month at a quilt meeting in Loudon, Tennessee. She wasn’t happy with the way her Sizzle blocks were turning out. I suggested that she remake the blocks she wasn’t happy with because she had already put so much work into the quilt.

Lynn did that, and also removed the corners from all of the circles.  She auditioned some other fabrics and fell in love with a different color than my original choice for the corners. That made such a difference! Lynn says that she can’t wait to finish the quilt now….

I really like Lynn’s colorway. It is so different from either of the two Sizzle quilts I made. You can see both of my quilts at The Quilt Show. The pattern is part of your membership for 2019.

Thank you, Lynn, for sharing your quilt!

8 thoughts on “Show and tell…

  1. Wanted to share the St Michaels Catholic Church Ladies Bazaar group (Bedford TX) version of Welcome to the North Pole quilt. It was a group project and is being raffled at our Oct 19-20 craft fair. It was lots of fun to do and turned out great.
    Carol Dufinetz

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