Show and tell…

Gail Ghiozzi from the Brentwood Delta Quilters Guild wrote to me back in January asking for permission to use our pattern, Swallows in the Window, from Once Upon a Season for their opportunity quilt. I happily gave permission and today I got to see the quilt. It is lovely! Thank you, Gail, for sending these pictures!

They adapted the pattern from the original in a really brilliant way. They only used the pieced bird body units in bright batiks and with a white background. They didn’t add the setting blocks in between. Amazing how the pattern changes, isn’t it?!

Gail says that

Matching the points of the bird body units so that the four point stars that touched were the same fabric was quite a feat. Lots of brainery and patience was required. LOL.  I am attaching two photos of the quilt itself; on the design wall and at its first showing, which was at a Quilt in the Garden affair. I am also attaching the flyer for our Opportunity quilts for the 2020 year.  

Here’s the flyer…

Here’s a link to their site: in case you want to see about buying tickets.

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