Show and Tell and more…

I’m in Houston for Quilt Market where there will be lots of color on display and it won’t be complicated at all. It’s going to be really pretty! I’ll post photos on Instagram and FB for you to see. Until then, here is Angie Weldon’s quilt…

Angie made her quilt after I taught a class at Out On A Limb Quilt Guild in Jasper, GA (North of Atlanta). Isn’t it cute! I love it when quilters adapt a pattern to make the quilt they want to make. Well done, Angie!

FYI: In case you are wondering, Lorna, sadly, had to stay home because of various family-related issues. I do miss her company but these things happen. Luckily, Market and Festival roll around every year :-).

9 thoughts on “Show and Tell and more…

  1. Have fun in Houston. It would be so very helpful if you posted links for your FB and Instram. Google would only give me 2 pages of bakeries with Piece of Cake name.


    • Hi Marie, I do have links on the blog! They are in the sidebar… look for the colored icons. Click them and they take you to me on those social media platforms. If you are looking at the blog on a phone or tablet, the sidebar may be farther down the page. I’ll see what I can do to move them to a better spot. Thanks!



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