Wednesday Giveaway

Congrats to Lo Ann who is this week’s winner! She will receive a set of Dotted Scissor sheaths. Won’t her scissors look sporty!

If you are not the winner and you’d like some Dotted Sheaths, you can find them and all sorts of sewing notions, books, and other fun stuff at!

Shipping at is free on orders over $75 every day.

113 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. I love reading your posts! Winning the red and white scissor coves would not only be delightful, but they would remind me of your kindness


  2. We were able to get to Houston last fall – and were so overwhelmed by all the gorgeous things to buy and those quilts! Glad you enjoyed yourself – it’s always a treat to get there! Lorraine


  3. I’m known as the polka dot quilter at our guild. I use a polka dot fabric, little or small somewhere in my quilts. The polka dot scissors sheath would fit in perfect with my sewing supplies.


  4. These are so cute and I live to have civers for my scissors because it is always only a matter of time before they fall or are dropped. And I am sure you know that the laws if physics meand they will land point down!


  5. I love working with wool. After hand surgeries on both hands I was still able to sew by hand applauding with wool. See you in a few months in OKC.


  6. Wouldn’t it be great to show off red/white scissor sheath at our quilt meeting? Then I can let others know where they are available!! How fun!


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