Delightful Wool Blocks!

These are 41 of the blocks from our book, Applique Delights, that Linda and her stitch group made with felted wool last year. I just figured out how to show all of the blocks in one post. Honestly, how I didn’t know this before makes my head hurt.

Click on any thumbnail image to see it bigger. Once there, you can click on the (almost invisible) arrows on the right or left to scroll through them. I’ll refer to this post in my next newsletter so those of you who subscribe to my blog are seeing these first! You can find the eBook here or order the Print-On_Demand version here.

14 thoughts on “Delightful Wool Blocks!

  1. If those blocks aren’t clever and adorable don’t know what is! Loved looking and looking at them and admiring the designs and sewing skills.


  2. Oh My Goodness! these are all just the cutest wool blocks ever! I am working on wool pin cushions now for christmas gifts and enjoying it so much. I think some of these would make adorable pin cushions as well. But a whole quilt would just be the bee’s knees!


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