Show and tell…

My friend, Margaret Thompson, wrote to say that she finally finished these two unicorn quilts.
She made them for Emma and Elle, two young girls close to her heart.

Aren’t they great!

Margaret started these two quilts in an independent study class I taught at Empty Spools. She knew what she wanted to make and she made them! Margaret is a finisher, even when work-life slows down her quilting life. I’m happy for you, Margaret, because I know how happy this makes you :-). Well done and thank you for sharing!

The quilts are boxed and on their way to their new home. It’s magic in a box.

5 thoughts on “Show and tell…

  1. I have this pattern and WILL get going on it. Thank you, Margaret, for giving me the incentive. Your quilts are just adorable and those little girls will love them!


  2. Both quilts are are gorgeous! Such bright, fun colors. Any girl would be thrilled to get one. Also great job making time for your quilting. It’s so important to balance your work life with time spent fostering your creativity.


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