North Pole show and tell…

Diane Pfeifley wrote to say: “After I made Whoville for my niece, I decided that I wanted a Santa village for myself. It’s all needle turn appliqué, hand quilted, and embellished to death. I searched and collected fun, little things for several years. Then I decided to try beading. I hadn’t done any beading before. Well, if a little beading is good… a lot of beading is better! I’ve had so much fun using your North Pole patterns. Thanks for a wonderfully fun bunch of patterns.”

Is this not the cutest quilt ever?! I love the way she mixed and matched the houses from Welcome to the North Pole over the face of this quilt. I wanted to see details and Diane kindly took and shared more photos…

Daine also said: “I also forgot to mention that I used trapunto for the snow banks. First try at that too. If you can’t experiment on yourself where can you experiment?” So very true.

Every part of this makes me grin! Thank you, Diane, for sharing your fantastic quilt!

21 thoughts on “North Pole show and tell…

  1. I love the puffy figures. What a wonderful quilt to bring out each year. Your quilt is making me decide to finally get the book out of the bookcase and DO IT. J


  2. I am in awe. What a keepsake this is. I have made two North Pole quilts and loved every minute of it and I encourage everyone to try this pattern.


  3. Yes, this IS the cutest quilt ever! I so admire such creativity and whimsical, artistic applique work. WOW…what an adorable treasure!


  4. What a great rendition of Welcome to the north pole. Where did she find the people figures? Makes me think I should get my book and fabrics out and get working on it!

    Thanks for sharing it with us. It’s wonderful!


  5. that is indeed amazing – Becky you have inspired so many. I love all your ideas – a very creative teacher, pattern maker and a gifted student! Congratulations on a job well done!


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