Show and tell…

Beth North wrote to say: “Finally all done!” Isn’t her Bullseye quilt fantastic! I love the colors she chose.

Beth also wrote:

Thank you for creating this pattern. It was hung at the reception hall for decorations. Love the outcome. Your You Tube videos were very helpful. I took class, but was over a year ago in Spokane, WA. One tends to forget. Again,  thank you

It is so nice to see the finished quilt. Thank you, Beth, for sharing!

7 thoughts on “Show and tell…

  1. What a beautiful Bullseye quilt you created, Beth! I also did one and thought Becky’s pattern and video instructions were easy to follow and so helpful.


  2. That Bullseye quilt is beautiful. The colors, as you said, are quite pleasing. I love the palette she chose. I’m glad you did the YouTube videos. I plan to try to make one late this year. Thank you.


  3. Lovely magical unicorn book, I don’t recall seeing it before. I learned a lot about appliqué from your class at York Heritage Quilters Guild years ago, many thanks!


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