Do you look in the mirror?

I remember a conversation when I was in my 40s with my mom (in her 60ss) and my grandmother, Nan (in her 80s). Nan said she had stopped looking in the mirror because she couldn’t reconcile who she was on the inside with who she saw in the mirror. My mom admitted that she was on her way to that, and I probably nodded but wasn’t there yet.

But now that I’m in my 60s, I understand more fully what Nan was saying. I tend to skim the mirror, without paying too much attention to the details of my reflection, which is why this funny made me laugh…

There are days when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror late in the day and am surprised to find that my hair has been living a life of its own on my head. Maybe I don’t pay attention to the mirror because I work at home most of the time but honestly, if you see me with lipstick on my eyebrows, please do let me know :-).

24 thoughts on “Do you look in the mirror?

  1. This just made my day. I do everything in my power to stay away from the mirror because I’m horrified each and every time. We’re all in this together so we might as well laugh together.


  2. I sort of stopped looking the mirror too. Every now and then I do look and say have you looked like this all day? I love Pickles they make me laugh pretty much every morning and I give the comic strip to my husband when it’s apropos.


  3. These days when I do look in the mirror I see my Nana looking back at me. It’s disconcerting to say the least. It’s nice to know there are others that feel the same way.


  4. I also can relate. Not only do I stay away from the mirror but I cringe when someone wants to take my picture. In my mind I think I should embrace my looks but I’m not there yet. Becky, if I ever do see you with lipstick on your eyebrows I’ll probably just think you’re a trendsetter. This cartoon really makes me laugh.


  5. Too funny! I avoid the mirror too! Too many things I really don’t need to see up close…working on less self-judgement, but it’s a practice and some days I miss the mark. Love all you beautiful women who discuss these things out in the open!😘


  6. I always laugh and say,” I woke up with my mother’s body.” I’m trying to figure out the hair where it’s not suppose to be. What’s with that.😑😩


  7. That’s an awesome comic! I definitely understand and sympathize.
    Sometimes a simple truth really resonates with you. It’s this…you can’t change the fact that you will age. But you can change your attitude about aging.
    So I choose to age gracefully (inside and out). 😊


  8. I have always said you could tell who was your true friend because they would tell you if you had broccoli in your teeth, a bat in the cave (a little booger in your nose) or if your skirt was tucked into your panties in the back. I have a couple of true friends.


  9. On the rare occasions when I try to wear make up, I recently discovered I can no longer put mascara on–my eye lashes are barely there! Not sure if the chemo did them in, or age!


  10. I agree with all of you but I do look in the mirror just to check my clothes. One day I went out to some garage sales. I kept feeling like people were looking at me funny. When I got home a friend of my husbands asked if my tank top was on backwards. Not only was it backwards but it was inside out!?!?!?!?!?!? Seriously my husband never noticed.


  11. What a great group of ladies! I’m laughing my head off tonight at all your comments. And here I thought I was the only one who never looked in the mirror any more. Oh, and how about when you accidentally switch the iPhone screen to all of a sudden see yourself staring back at you? Thanks for the grins.


  12. Have several antique mirrors that I use for decorating. My MIL told me once that people had a lot of mirrors because they were vain, but the funny thing is, that I have had them so long, I don’t really even see them any more. Like you, there are days when I realize I haven’t even combed my hair because I just don’t look in the mirror. Have not worn makeup on a regular basis for over 15 years, so less need to look in the mirror. Scary when I do!


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