Show and tell…

Lynn Lawery Hyman finished her Sizzle quilt (yay!) and she sent me a photo. Thank you Lynn, for sharing your lovely quilt with us! FYI: Sizzle was the 2019 block of month that I designed for The Quilt Show. It will be available sometime in the next year as a book/pattern from C&T.

I did some minor editing (1st photo) in Photoshop, then I did a little more color correcting (2nd photo).

Which colorway do you think is truer to the quilt? Does it matter? I like both versions so much that I couldn’t decide which to post, so you get to see them both.

10 thoughts on “Show and tell…

  1. This is beautiful. And so helpful to see. I have followed Quilt Show activities and different color ways that Becky and others have used and each one I see suggests more possibilities. It is exciting that there are so many different ways to approach this beautiful quilt


  2. How wonderful to see some finished versions of your Sizzle. Thank you, and thanks to those who are sending you photos. It is such a gorgeous quilt.


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