Freezer paper organizing sheets!

D-Ann Gilmore, a new friend from a recent class in Huntsville, shared this neat trick with me. It’s how she carries her English paper piecing blocks so that everything stays in order. Here are her instructions:

“I first lay out my pieces on a (blue) sand paper board inside a file folder. That way I can check my design to make sure my fussy cut pieces are in the right place. I close the folder and using both hands (so the papers don’t fly out) turn the file folder over.

Now my design is right side down on the file folder and I remove the sandpaper board.

I cut a piece of freezer paper that’s a little larger than my design and lay it shiny side down on my pattern. I then place my iron on the paper side of the freezer paper and count to 3, just until little bubbles show through. Lift the edge to check and press until the entire design is stuck to the freezer paper.

Voila! Turn it over and your design is in place and ready for travel.

You then just peel off the ones you need, keeping all your pieces secure. (The freezer paper can be reused about 4-5 more times.).”

That is an excellent idea! Thank you, D-Ann, for sharing it with us. I can’t wait to try it!

PS: The block D-Ann showed is from our eBook Once Upon A Season. You can also order a print-on-demand hard copy here. If you only want the Spring Wheels ePattern, you can find it here.

11 thoughts on “Freezer paper organizing sheets!

  1. WOW! That’s a fantastic tip! Kudos to Ann and Becky for sharing. Is it OK for me to pass this on to my EPP friends in my guild?


  2. I have used freezer paper like this to keep appliqué pieces flat and neat during travel and even submitted this idea to BH&G many years ago. I love that we can use ordinary items in new ways to keep us organized and neat!


  3. This is a great tip for all types of paper piece work. I’m going to try it with some hexagon blocks I’m currently working on. Thanks for posting this helpful tip!😊


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