Wednesday Giveaway

Debra Reber is this week’s winner—congrats to Debra! She will receive a 4 oz. package of Retro Clean. We each need to keep some on hand for bringing stained fabric back from the brink of despair. I’ve used it and it really works!

Shop for all sorts of sewing notions, books, and other fun stuff at!

See you next week!

118 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. This is a product I haven’t tried yet. I have a large stash of vintage items that could use a little brightening up. Thanks for the giveaway offer.


  2. This is wonderful. I had a thirty year old quilt that my dog got some stains of unknown origin on. Some of the fabrics I’m sure were never washed. I was the quilt and everything came out. It even whitened up the dingy white background. It now looks new.


  3. I imagine this would be helpful to have around. I drew quilting lines with lead pencil some darker than others and wonder if this would take it out. I am almost afraid to wash it, because the piece is Redwork.


  4. I have a dress that I made about 50 years ago that could use a dose of this. Perhaps then my granddaughter would be able to wear it again. Thanks so much.


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