Retro Clean does more than you think!

Margaret J. wrote asking me if Retro Clean would remove a grease stain in fabric that had been washed. I contacted Larry at Retro Clean who replied:

There are many different kinds of grease. We have had a lot of luck removing food related grease from tablecloths, quilts and clothing, however something like automotive grease, not so much. It usually doesn’t matter if a textile has been washed previously. It shouldn’t cause any further problems, so it’s probably worth a try.

Margaret did give it a try and it worked! From Margaret:

Happy to report the what we thought was a dark grease stain came out. What I did — took 1 teaspoon retro clean and 1/2 cup of hot water and heated that solution 3 different times during the first day. The next day I put the cloth in a new solution and heated it once after that. It was a panel and I just stuffed the spot in a pint jar with the solution. Did not remove any color. I’d say great product Thanks so much —Margaret

So there you go… Retro Clean is definitely something to keep on hand :-).

9 thoughts on “Retro Clean does more than you think!

  1. Nice to know this information. Thank you for sharing. Also thank you for previously telling us about LoLo bars. My hands are dry but once I start handling fabric especially wool they get so bad I end up with open areas. The LoLo bars have changed that.


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