Show and tell…

Susie Johnson sent me a really cheerful show and tell! This from Susie:

Dear Becky – Thought I might finally share a couple photos with you. I finally finished the pillow shams to go with my two twin bed quilts from your Everyday Best pattern. I’ve always adored polka dots and collected polka dot fabrics for years (long before they were all the rage) determined to make your quilt pattern but using only polka dot fabrics. The quilts were finally finished a couple years ago but I thought shams would look great so … ok, I’m done now thanks to a self-imposed COVID-19 quarantine. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your generous tutelage and creative inspiration over the years. Stay safe and sew on during the difficult days ahead.Best wishes- Susie Johnson

I LOVE these quilts and the pillows are just perfect with them on the beds. Thank you, Susie, for sending such happy quilt pictures!

FYI: Click here to find the Everyday Best downloadable pattern. The round blocks are sewn on foundation papers.

13 thoughts on “Show and tell…

  1. Those quilts are a true labor of love. I also have quite a supply of dot fabrics! I just love how bright and happy that room is! Beautiful work and, of course, great patterns from Becky!


  2. OMG, the quilt, the shams, and the wall hanging!!!! How beautiful and how absolutely uplifting for the spirits. Wonderful work, and happy choices of color and pattern. Kudos.


  3. These quilts and pillows just make me smile…so beautiful and happy! Susie, you did a terrific job! And Miss Becky, you continue to inspire us all.


  4. What a delightful set, the quilt and pillow sham. I love the bright colors chosen for the appliqué and piecing. Thanks for sharing today!


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