Show and tell…

Jill Isakson sent me this photo of her beautiful finished quilt.

 Jill says:

My quilt, My Lucky Stars, is finished.  My friend Linda Neal did the appliqué border.  We adapted the pattern slightly to fit a square quilt. The appliqué border really finishes and frames the quilt!  It was in the Dallas Quilt Show which was unfortunately cancelled but the judging did take place and it received a 2nd place ribbon.

Congrats to Jill and Linda! What a lovely quilt and I thank you for sharing it :-).

FYI: The border design is from the Anniversary Quilt, which is in Flowering Favorites. I’m not sure of the pattern used in the quilt center.

9 thoughts on “Show and tell…

  1. If you have any influence with the Dallas Guilt Guild, please encourage them to share photos of the show. Many of us are out of a great deal of money when bus trips were canceled at the last minute. It would ease that disappointment if we could at least see some of the quilts.

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    • Hi Shirley – The Dallas Quilt Guild has posted pictures of all the quilts that were in the show on their Facebook page and pictures of the winners on their website. We were all very disappointed about the cancellation and I’m so sorry about your bus trip.


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